We honor in Terma Bania Discounts cards

Multisport card

In order to benefit from the services included in the program, the customer needs to own the Multisport card released by Benefit Systems company. The card is valid only with an identification document, needs to be signed and cannot be used by anybody else. Benefit System cards are eligible for the following discounts at Terma Bania:


Fun Zone 4,5 h
Adult / Senior - 27 PLN
kid up to 13 years  - 9 PLN

Saunarium 3,5 h
Adult / Senior - 19 PLN


Fun Zone 3,5 h
Adult / Senior - 35 PLN
kid up to 13 years  - 15 PLN

Saunarium 2,5 h
Adult / Senior - 25 PLN

Karta Warszawiaka i Młodego Warszawiaka

Posiadacz Karty Warszawiaka i Karty Młodego Warszawiaka otrzymuje 15% zniżki na wszystkie bilety standardowe do Termy Bania.

Rabat zostanie udzielony po okazaniu karty w kasie. Zniżka nie łączy się z innymi ofertami promocyjnymi. Dotyczy biletów indywidualnych, niepromocyjnych, zakupionych na miejscu - w kasie Termy Bania.


Krakowska Card

Owner of Karta Krakowska gets 15% discount on every starnard ticket to Terma Bania.

The discount can be obtained after showing the card at the cash register. The discount cannot be combined with any other promotional offers. Applies to tickets purchased directly at the facility.


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