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Terma Bania consists of indoor and outdoor recreational pools, which are filled with geothermal water in a temperature of 34 - 38°C. The water at Terma Bania is acquired from the depth of 2500 meters and its starting temperature is 78°C. After removing some of its heat, it ends up in the pools while preserving its precious microelements.

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There’s an ancient proverb that says “sanitas per aquam”, which means healthiness through water. It is where the popular abbreviation SPA comes from, but is often used in contradiction with its original idea. The best examples of sanitas per aquam philosophy are the facilities that acquire their water deep from the Earth’s crust. Terma Bania is one of them.

The water from Białka’s thermal pools is rich in minerals and because of the pressure underneath, it reaches high temperatures, which makes it thermal. Some of the minerals, which can be found in it, are: sulfides, silica, potassium, calcium, magnesium and iron.

Its higher temperature and slightly acid pH makes it easier for the body to absorb these precious elements. Bathing in thermal water is known for: reducing stress, helping to relax and restore psychophysical balance, improving blood pressure and metabolism, supporting weight loss, eliminating headaches and insomnia, speeding up recovery, eliminating various skin conditions and ailments, which improve its appearance.

design conected with mountain tradition Traditional and modern

Beginning of Bania

Eco solutions

The idea of building the thermal complex was born in 2006. The idea was that building will fit the natural surrandings. Terma Bania maintains ecological solutions and it was built in a unique style, combining modern designs with elements of highland tradition. The construction used natural materials: stone and wood, occurring in Podhale.

Eco solutions
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European Union

The object used the grant of the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund under Measure 4.4 New investments of high innovative potential Priority Axis 4 Investments in innovative undertakings of the Operational Programme Innovative Economy 2007-2013. The project, named: New Water Park: Geothermal Innovation in Therapeutic Recreation Services was implemented in the period 2009-2011.

European Union

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Water in pool basins complies with the requirements of Ordinance of the Health Minister from February 12, 2021. Date of latest examination: September 22, 2023.

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