Sauna Zone

Sauna Zone Bania Relax and harmony

Sauna Zone

Please be advised that the Terma Bania Saunarium will be closed from 03/21/2022 due to the planned modernization. Reopening in the fall.

Sauna Zone is a place, where sauna philosophy connects with deep relaxation and harmony. The saunas of Terma Bania will help you regain the inner balance and build stamina. Join us during our sauna nights and sauna ceremonies - extraordinary events that will take your sauna experience to another level.

Saunas in Terma Bania Russian Banya

Russian Banya is an extraordinary saula, located in our Saunarium's garden, close to cooling pool and nudists sunbathing zone.  This is where most sauna rituals are taking place. It has a traditional character of Russian sauna - banya. Just like the rest of our Saunarium, it is constructed from natural materials: wood and stone, to emphasise the connection with nature. The benefits of using this sauna are strenghtening and relaxing the organism. 

  • temperature up to 65°C
  • humidity up to 60%

Saunas in Terma Bania Old Highlander's Sauna

Old Highlander's Sauna is a rare combination of folklore and classic sauna. We merged highlander's hut, constructed with wood and stone into a sauna smelling of herb and hay. Their cleansing characteristics are unleashed by high temperature. Choose this sauna to experience highlander's folklore and the pleasure of communing with nature at the same time.

  • temperature up to 60°C
  • humidity up to 35%

Saunas in Terma Bania Finnish saunas

​​In our Saunarium you will find two Finnish saunas. It is the most popular type of sauna. This classic Scandinavian sauna is known for its superhigh temperatures and superlow humidity. We recommend to start the experience on the lowest point of the sauna and then to systematically go up, as long as our organism lets us. Pouring water on the hot stones placed in the sauna oven ionizes the air. That helps relaxation as well as reduces fatigue and anxiety.  

  • temperature up to 100°C
  • ​humidity up to 20%

Saunas in Termie Bania Salt Rock Cave

Its walls and ceiling are made of natural stone that reminds caves you can come across in the mountains, especially in nearby Tatras. Using saline feeder makes air inside the sauna filled with benefitial microelements. Thus enhacing preventive and curing properties of salt rock cave. Its relaxation characteristics are strenghten by light effects. 

  • temperature up to 50°C
  • humidity up to 45%

Saunas in Terma Bania Steam Bath

First steam baths date back to the times of the Roman Empire and the area of Mediterranean Sea, you can come across such names as roman or turkish baths. The one in Terma Bania is equipped with steam chimney where aromatic mixtures are applied. It is a good choice for beginners in the world of saunas as its temperature is not that high and easy to get used to. High humidity makes it easier for water to enter the skin and wash off toxic substances.

  • ​temperature up to 45°C
  • humidity up to 100%

Tężnia solankowa Grota solna

Grota Solna wyposażona wygodne leżaki to idealne miejsce na relaks w ciszy i spokoju. Znajdująca się w niej tężnia solankowa wytwarza unikatowy mikroklimat, który wspomaga leczenie wielu chorób. Sól posiada właściwości ujemnej jonizacji powietrza, co ma bardzo korzystny wpływ na nasz organizm. Pobyt w grocie solnej polecamy głównie alergikom, ale a także tym osobom, które chcą poprawić pracę układu odpornościowego

Dla zdrowia Basen solankowy

Właściwości lecznicze solanki wprowadzają w stan relaksu i odprężenia. Mają dobroczynny wpływ na nasze zdrowie, korzystnie wpływają na skórę, system odpornościowy oraz układ oddechowy. Tuż nad basenem solankowym zlokalizowano tężnię solankową, dzięki której można zażywać drogocennych inhalacji i poczuć się jak nad morzem.

  • temperatura do 36oC

Plenty of possibilities Relax and cool down

Except for the saunas, you can indulge in cooling and relaxing areas of Terma Bania's Saunarium, such as:

  • swimming pool with cooling water with a temperature up to 24°C
  • saline graduation tower
  • salt cave
  • saline pool
  • feet massage pool
  • drink bar
  • nudists sunbathing zone

Without a doubt one of our best attractions is Sauna Ritual. Our Saunamasters perform sauna ceremonies daily, according to given schedule: 12:00, 14:00, 16:00, 17:00 (ladies only), 18:00 (smoke ritual), 19:00, 20:00, 21:00 (cooling ritual with menthol cristals).

Sauna Rituals are free of extra charge, available for our guest with valid Sauna Zone ticket.

several hours of relaxation

several hours of relaxation

Saunarium, only saunarium! There are peace and quiet. There are available several different saunas and pool only for saunas' useres. The speakers are relaxing music

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